Career Options with Science and Mathematics after class 12th

Taking physics chemistry and mathematics at the 10+2 level opens plethora of option to make a career. You can enter the pure sciences, medical or paramedical field, information technology, Architecture, commerce and management field.

Students in class 10 worry about subject and options to opt for at the 10+2 level and are confused about the best combination to choose in order make a career in the future. Taking mathematics along with Physics and chemistry gives you plenty of carrier options to choose from. In today’s scenario taking science with mathematics does not restrict you to engineering alone but open multiple doors of opportunities for you.

To start with you can take up graduation in pure sciences like mathematics, physics, chemistry, Botany; Zoology; anthropology etc. if you want to get into research field and specialize in astro or nuclear physics, organic or inorganic chemistry, the fields are endless. Once you have completed masters then you can appear for NET(national eligibility test) and become eligible to tech at the University level in your specialized filed.

If you have mechanical drawing along with PCM then you can pursue bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) followed by master in Architecture (M. Arch.) and specializing in town planning city planning, landscape architecture etc.

If you opt for computer science along with physics chemistry mathematics (PCM) at the 10+2 level then you can pursue bachelor in computer application (BCA) followed by master in computer application (MCA) to enter the world of Information technology (IT).

Students having Science and mathematics at 10+2 level have an advantage of going for statistician and actuary course or courses in the management field like bachelor of business administration (BBA) and then master of business administration (MBA). You also have an option for going in for accountancy and prepare for exams to become a chartered accountant (CA).

Students having biology with mathematics, physics and chemistry can opt for Medicine, dentistry, biotechnology, genetics, veterinary science, horticulture, environmental sciences, forensic sciences, homeopathy or ayurveda and the options are plenty.

You can even opt for Economics or psychology as the fourth subject along with PCM to enter the specialized filed.

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